Random Rangers Fan

Hi my name is Blake and I am a native Texan born and raised. The summers are too long, and way too damn hot. The state is huge, and traveling around state is laboring. And we have too many jaded Cowboys fans. However, I love this great state, and I love my Texas Rangers.

I never really liked baseball growing up, I know that disappointed my dad but it was…boring. Until one day I started to really analyze the game while watching the Texas Rangers live on KXTX 93 with Tom Grieve and the late Mark Holtz. It clicked, I was suddenly enticed by the sport and I wanted to finally play baseball at the age of 12. I was a “fan” of the Rangers mainly due to proxy of my Father taking me to the old stadium prior to this point. But this moment created a life long love for the game, and for the Texas Rangers no matter how crappy they were over the years.

Like any kid, I loved playing the game, I loved watching my favorite team, and my favorite players like Gonzo, Pudge, The Red Baron and well…I honestly would have named them all. This passion grew into memorizing every players batting average, earned run average and the such for every player on the roster in previous and current years. Even studying who was good in the farm systems and who I should expect to cheer on when their time came. I began to realize there is an entirely different side of baseball, the “business” side. Maybe that is a poor choice of words since I didn’t really grasp the concept of finances at that time.

My love for the Rangers and the sport never died, however my interest peaked and plummeted over the years until recently in the 2009 season. I began to become a die hard fan once again which has now turned into an obsession a la, “Random Ranger’s Fan”. My intentions with this blog is to document and share my own opinions regarding the Texas Rangers. I follow the Texas Rangers every move on matters of who they sign, release, waive, trade, etc. I am currently (and slowly at that) in the process of forecasting potential payroll/roster projections for the 2017 Rangers. If I am able to obtain VODs of our systems prospects I intend on taking a stab at scouting and any international amateur or domestic amateur prospects. This blog will essentially serve as a platform for my obsession and I hope to gain some constructive criticism of my content to further my knowledge and understanding. I’ve always wondered where I’d be if I majored in accounting in college instead of becoming a Network Engineer. I enjoy my job now and I am very thankful and blessed that I have a great job. If circumstances were possibly different however, I would see myself in a front office of a major league baseball team. But for now, the obsession will have to do.


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