Rangers agree to terms with Andrew Cashner


Today the Rangers have signed Andrew Cashner to a 1-year, $10 million dollar contract. The price for Cashner was slightly higher than I thought it would previously be, timing and the market size might play a factor in that. This move gives the Rangers more depth in their rotation, and now more than every makes a statement that the Rangers are most likely not bringing back Lewis and more notably Holland.

Cashner’s performance has plummeted over the last two seasons. Mechanically, his average fastball velocity has dropped by about 1.0 mph from the past two seasons. Statistically his SO% has stayed about the same, he still maintains a low HR/9 but his BB% has sky rocketed. If he is able to find the zone in Texas, and Banny and Brocail are able to guide this young man down the right path, then I believe he will be well worth the $10 million.

So why not just re-sign Holland? Derek Holland has been with the club for 8 seasons. Holland did show signs of improvement this season, but it just wasn’t satisfactory. Given he has a lengthier injury history, they are counting on Cashner to be a more durable option that gives them a right arm in the rotation.

The  Rangers are most certainly not finished making a run at starting pitching. I believe their next source will be in the form of a trade during the December meetings. I would also suggest that they sign another low-risk/high-reward guy similar to AJ Griffin to give them some more depth. One area I believe that Banister can improve on is his depth in the rotation, utilizing more guys in a SP/RP role to give our roation a break. With this, I’d suggest bringing back Scott Feldman. You can use him as a long guy in the pen, and come July & September, use him in the rotation.


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