2017 Texas Rangers Top Prospects


Anderson Tejada, age 18, hit 8 HR in 23 games with Spokane

*post-season revision*

I wanted to get this in before Baseball America revealed their top 10 today so I won’t have much besides a list for now, and I’ll revisit in a subsequent post with my analysis. I’m feeling like most will disagree, but I’m factoring in raw talent for younger players more over than track record and current/potential talent for older prospects. Here it is:

  1. Yohander Mendez
  2. Ariel Jurado
  3. Leody Taveras
  4. Ronald Guzman
  5. Alex Speas
  6. Cole Ragans
  7. Josh Morgan
  8. Brett Martin
  9. Andy Ibanez
  10. Anderson Tejada

Honorable Mentions: Yohel Pozo, Pedro Payano, Jose Trevino, Connor Sadzeck, Joseph Palumbo, Kole Enright, Jairo Beras, & Jose Almonte.


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