Rangers claim Brady Dragmire


The Rangers claimed Brady Dragmire and lost David Rollins on waivers to the Phillies. Dragmire had an impressive 4 first seasons of his professional career but has hit a rut this past season. At High-A Dunedin in 2015 he posted a unsavory 5.26 ERA but had an impressive 2.52 FIP and pitched brilliantly in the Arizona Fall League. This year he posted an improved 4.38 ERA but an unsavory 5.36 FIP. His K rate is down and his BB rate has risen this season, peaking his regression.
According to MLBpipeline.com, Dragmire was Toronoto’s #26 prospect in 2016. He has a plus fastball, sitting at 92-94 mph, and has topped out at 97 mph. He utilizes a slider and change-up to induce his 2.1 GB/FB ratio over his 6 professional seasons. Hitters are hitting off of him less, and he stranded 76% base-runners in 2016, but he has to really improve on his K/BB ratio and control to move up the organizational ladder.


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