Rangers non-tender Jared Hoying


Jared Hoying, the speedster.

Jon Daniels came out with an announcement that the Rangers would tender all arbitration eligible players. Interesting choice of wording there, as the Rangers have declared they will not tender Jared Hoying who is under full team control for another 3 years until he begins arbitration.

This comes as somewhat a surprise initially but I believe in an attempt to save an option year and also remove him from the 40-man roster they have non-tendered him and will attempt to re-sign him to a minor league contract. I’m sure the Rangers and Hoying’s agency have been in contact, and this was all according to plan.

They have also tendered A.J. Griffin, whom will give them rotation depth and a potential long-relief guy out of the bullpen if the Rangers are able to sign or trade for a 5th starter. Freeing up a spot on the 40-man to bring the number down to 39 will also give the Rangers flexibility for trade, waiver claims and the rule 5 draft. It’s a longshot, as the Ranger’s will be #28 or #29 (whatever the tie-breaker is between Texas and Washington), but Kyle Wren new potentially Texas Ranger’s center fielder?


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