Gomez back in Texas


Rangers and Carlos Gomez have agreed to a 1-year 11.5m deal. Carlos meshed very well with the clubhouse, management and coaching staff and although only at 30 years of age is a leader to some of the younger guys. With Texas out on guys like Mike Napoli, Mitch Moreland, Carlos Beltran, Ian Desmond (now at least) and with Prince Fielder out they need more clubhouse leadership presence. I’m sure that had a very small part in their thinking, but also his performance with the team in his short 1 month stay with the club. He is a prototypical Ranger lead-off guy. A guy that ‘can’ do whatever he can do get on base, ‘can’ hit and hit with power. A guy that when gets on base can move himself closer to home base with his speed and divide the pitcher’s focus. Gomez average exit velocity in Houston last season was  86.7 mph, with Texas it was 90.5 mph. He also has a 250k incentive for comeback player of the year, here’s to hoping he can get that bonus!

This is a smart sign for both parties. The Rangers could have probably gotten Gomez for slightly less money on a multi-year 3+ year deal, and making it a 1-year deal Gomez can capitalize on his AAV for 2017 and really it’s not a bad deal money wise if you consider 8m = 1 WAR. The Ranger’s are not looking past 2017, for right now. The focus is on 2017 and putting a team on the field that has the best chance to win this season with contracts of Yu Darvish, Jonathan Lucroy up in the air until the club and those players begin extension talks come January through March. Texas will most likely not be able to sign both, and even so, makes 2018 and beyond a huge question mark. So as mentioned, 1-year deal is a good-year deal, and that’s exactly what Carlos and team are hoping for, a good-year from Gomez.


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