The guy everyone wants (but not really)


The appropriate Jordan faced David Rollins has been selected off waivers by the team that got this waiver claim fiasco started this off-season, the Chicago Cubs. Here is the path Rollins has taken, in his very tumultuous off-season:

Nov 18: Seattle -> Chicago Cubs

Nov 22: Chicago Cubs -> Texas

Dec 2: Texas -> Philadelphia

Dec 21: Philadelphia -> Texas

Dec 23: Texas -> Chicago Cubs

Rollins must feel very humble to gain all of this attention this off-season, but not a single team so far is satisfied enough with him to keep him around on their 40-man roster. There is a point, as a player in his position, that you probably decide to turn off your phone and TV for a while to decompress during the holidays.

The team had DFAed Tyrelle Jenkins in order to make room for Rollins on the 21st, but Jenkins has been claimed by the Reds. The Rangers once again claimed Brady Dragmire on the 23rd, which prompted the DFA and loss on waivers of Rollins to the Chicago Cubs. It was a valient attempt by the FO to sneak Rollins past the waiver deadline in order to outright to the minors, but the Cubs FO was paying attention, and the Reds were interested enough in Jenkins to add for possible rotation depth.

On that note, I am still very confused why the Rangers would let Jenkins go so easily, and the only reason I could come up with is that Brady Feigl was instead the centerpiece for the Luke Jackson trade back on the 8th, as far as the Rangers were concerned. He has has no major league service, so he has full options. The Rangers will face an interesting decision post 2017 season as Feigl will be eligible for the rule-5 draft. If he performs well enough and projects as a capable and serviceable arm in the majors, the Rangers might need to consider protecting him on the 40-man roster. But much is to be desired from Feigl, as he has not gotten a lot of playing time in the past 2 seasons due to injury, and it’s very clear that the Rangers are always targeting projectable and serviceable lefties.


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