Rangers Arbitration, 2 more extend, 1 files


Edit: Jake Diekman and the Rangers have reached an agreement for $2.55m. This is $50k short of both my projection and TR’s projection.

The Rangers have agreed to terms with two more eligible for arbitration, Jeremy Jeffress for $2.1m (Both myself and TR projected $2.9m) and Jurickson Profar for $1.005m (TR projected $1.1m, I projected $990k). Jeffress is an unusual case, and ends up making less guarenteed money but instead has a contract with incentives. He will receive $250K each for 55, 60, 65, 70 IP. Add them all up, and you get $3.1m, which is virtually right where I had him projected. The Rangers indeed playing it safe with Jeffress since he ended up with a DUI during the season which led him missing a lot of time. Profar ended up making only $15,000 more than what I had him projected at. That’s a pretty solid projection.

Jake Diekman is the lone Ranger who files for arbitration requesting $3.1m with the Rangers offering $1.9m. Both TR and my models have Diekman projected at $2.6m. The half-way point is quite a bit aways from both ends, at $2.5m. I’m pretty confident if the case goes to arbitration that Diekman won’t be earning more than $3m.

As far as my projections, I don’t have them all available yet and I was hoping to get them posted prior to today’s deadline. I’m hopeful they will be up this weekend as I’m interested to see how my model plays out this off-season.


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