Yordano Ventura passes away at 25


One of the game’s most prolific young arms in the majors, has tragically passed away today. The entire baseball world is saddened and shocked by yet young star passing away too soon.

Yordano Ventura was energetic, passionate, competitive, youthful and very dedicated to his work ethic and to his team. He rubbed a lot of players the wrong way with his youthful outbursts on the field leading to numerous brawls and conflicts but that was just a young kid so passionate and youthful to be contained by the national stage that is major league baseball.

Ventura impressed the world in game 6 of the 2014 World Series, only days after a close friend had passed, Oscar Taveras. The kid was on the up and up, and was too young to pass.

The same day, Andy Marte, has passed away in a separate vehicle accident in the Domincan Republic. Marte, although 7 years older than Ventura’s age of 25, was still a young being on this planet and is equally tragic. Please pray for the Marte and Ventura families and their loved ones as today is a very sad day indeed in the world of baseball.


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